Figuring it all out

I’m at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Grey morning, it’s getting colder - I’m thinking I should have brought the scarf with me. Meanwhile, there are fishes flying above my head. I have been hearing about this tradition all week, but don't know exactly what it is. These entertaining fishmongers throw fish at each … Continua a leggere Figuring it all out


Small Music From Broken Windows

«Forget being the best at anything. That's the fruit of the action. And you do the work, they say, for the doing, not the fruit. You can never really know how it's going to turn out in the world, but you know if you enjoyed doing it. And ideas start flowing and you start getting … Continua a leggere Small Music From Broken Windows

American chronicles

This is not a joke: once again, my journey to the United States was a troubled one. To make a long story short – I was supposed to fly from Rome to Brussels, then Brussels to Montreal, then Montreal to Philadelphia; obviously I got stuck in Montreal, as weather conditions on the East Coast were terrible and several … Continua a leggere American chronicles